Environmental Policy


We at Munki Magik are fully aware that we have a responsibility to respect and preserve the balance of nature, and we acknowledge our obligation to maintain and nurture the ecology of our planet. We pledge ourselves to the prudent use of Earth’s resources and to the protection of the natural environment. We integrate environmental, economic and social perspectives into our business strategies to ensure that our activities are conducted in harmony with people and the environment.

 What we do

We comply with all applicable environmental legislation as stated in the Environmental Protection Act 1990

We are committed to regular reviews of operational strategies to ensure continual improvement of environmental performance

We maintain a progressive approach to the development of new operational strategies

We use paper and cardboard from sustainable sources

We use bio-degradable bubble wrap and cellophane, and starch based bio-degradable void fill

We minimise printed marketing and use electronic copy wherever possible

We do not distribute advertising flyers in public places – we enclose them in product packaging and encourage recycling after use

We minimise energy use by using energy efficient products and using energy efficiently

We promote environmental awareness and actively reduce unnecessary waste

We upcycle, recycle and re-use items to produce some of our handmade products and encourage others to do the same

We source manufacturers and suppliers who are environmentally responsible and who share similar ethics

We source services that actively aim to reduce carbon footprints

This document was last updated on 13th August 2021