• Soundwave Art

    If you have a recording or a song in mind as a gift idea for someone special, we can turn that sound into a contemporary Soundwave Art print or mug. And with a little Munki Magik we make the design playable with our free smartphone app.

    No need for QR or Spotify codes, just scan the design to make it play.

  • Moving Pictures

    Maybe you have a video clip you’d like to share? Instead of just emailing it to them, how about sending them a photo print to display in their home that plays your video every time it’s scanned?

    No problem – we call this our Moving Pictures range.

  • Hidden Messages

    Why not give a surprise gift of a photo print with a twist?

    Send us your voice recording along with a pic and we’ll scale your image to size and link it to your Hidden Message which will play when your photo is scanned.

Soundwave Art

Stylish, vibrant soundwave prints

Your art, your way!

Fully personalised contemporary art sound wave prints made from any sound or audio file.

From secret messages to favourite songs to howling hounds - if you can hear it, we can soundwave it.

Add your own image or let us come up with a design for you - be as involved (or not) in the design process as you like!

Either way, we won't print anything until you're 100% happy with the final version.

As soon as your finished artwork design is printed and ready to ship, we'll make it playable. Scan your artwork on any smartphone using our super easy-to-use free app to watch and hear your sound wave print play.

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Moving Pictures

Photo quality prints from video

Your precious memories captured in a moment!

We take a still image from your video and use state of the art image enhancement software to create a photo quality picture.

Once approved by you, we have your image professionally printed by our trusty print partners.

Take the hassle out of framing it yourself by getting us to do it, or we can send your print unframed in a reinforced cardboard envelope - either way it will be well packaged in eco-friendly materials.

We link your print to your video with our free app. Scan your print with any smartphone to play the video and bring your photo to life.

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Hidden Messages

Photos with a twist

Send us a voice message along with a pic and we'll create a photo print that triggers your hidden message.

From birthday celebrations to marriage proposals, from house-warming to new jobs to new babies, hidden message photo prints are great for any occasion!

Available with or without a soundwave image of your voice clip.

Just scan the print with our free smartphone app to reveal your hidden message.

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